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Trust is achieved when different perspectives are aligned!

All too often, academic leaders want the 747 without a pilot, which is understandable. As PhD’s, you have a unique audience of very smart people in their area of expertise.   We facilitate a process as opposed to pure consulting. Most participants can navigate the new processes without our continued involvement.  Without question, having done consulting in higher education, our experts will shed light on areas that may or may not be known, BUT our role is to create an unbiased third party to elicit answers to pertinent questions. An experienced facilitator provides added value so thought leaders and implementers of change can co-participate – leaving everyone in a readiness to do something with the results.  A facilitator creates opportunity for anonymity, added horsepower in synthesizing details, ability to scaffold the process, eliminating fear of the unknown and building TRUST in the discovery process.

What decisions can WebStudy Foundation help you facilitate to accelerate results?

Let’s look at the most urgent topic amidst the COVID-19 pandemic – Will Fall semester be remote?  If so, how do we accelerate what’s needed this summer? If not, what lessons learned can re-shape 2021 -25?


Phil Hill and Kevin Kelly released an excellent three part Blog series “On the Transition to Remote Learning Due to COVID-19” on PhilOnTech.  Numerous authors have drawn a distinction that the urgent requirement for all classes to move online has resulted in online access via some remote delivery option which may include email packages of content, face-time, synchronous real-time meerings, pre-recorded lectures with assignments, use of virtual classrooms and learning management systems …limitless approaches to packaging and delivering learning objectives and assessments of knowledge transfer.


Now what?  


Overnight, technology enthusiasts (those instructors and staff that have dedicated the last twenty years) will meet late adopters (wherever they are in their understanding) and accelerate what has evolved as a gold-standard online learning experience (which may or may not include an LMS).  Many Directors of Distance Learning have communicated that a good online experience can be created in ANY technology – technology alone is not responsible for the pedogogical design. Evidence to support this mindset is supported by the volumes that have been published about the NGDLE, Next Generation Digital Learning Environment – a technology stack to replace the CMS/ LMS.


In our collaborative services, the questions are crafted to move diverse opinions towards a common ground.  Participatory decision making isn’t top down decisions dressed in different clothes nor is it bottom up decision making forced through protests and activism.  We provide collaborative services to guide multiple stakeholders to an infinite number of unforeseen results.


Whether it’s a single meeting or an event with a series of meetings, whether it’s done remotely, (online, simulcast, video conference or networked broadcasting sites) or face to face (F2F), We promise to expertly design a process aimed to address change.  Change that diverse stakeholders achieve with rapport.  


Plan your inter-departmental collaboration –   Prepare for Academic Year 2020 -21.  The best way to Predict the Future is to Create It – there is no blueprint!

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