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    Bringing All Minds on Deck to Collaborate Across Silos
    Leveraging 25 years of experience in facilitated, collaborative decision-making processes, WebStudy Foundation is working to accelerate meaningful organizational change in higher education.
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    Make Collaborative High-Stakes Decisions Quickly

    WebStudy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Committed to Helping Colleges and Universities Tackle Their Most Pressing Challenges


    Does “Organizational Planning” seem like an oxymoron these days?


    The reality is that the problems we face now cannot be solved by the same kind of “committee thinking” of the past.

    We empower organizations, institutions, and communities—along with their diverse stakeholders— to align in real-time, source leadership at every level, and to take committed action quickly, reliably and resiliently.

    Why Do We Exist?

    Business as usual for higher education is obsolete.

    Future learners’ expect to be prepared for a career to reskill or upskill their ability to generate earnings. Beyond 2021 requires a tectonic institutional shift for real-time, inter-departmental synergies.

    What Do We Do?

    We bring proven methodologies in group participatory decision making to higher education.

    Learn more about what we do to facilitate diverse departments to interact and engage so silos collaborate to produce results.

    Who Are We?

    A team of consultants and organizational development experts.

    We are a non-profit organization committed to help colleges and universities to discover the next iteration of the delivery of education AND create new processes to execute that discovery.

    How Do We Do It?

    We raise endowment monies to offset the cost of our facilitated engagements.

    We help colleges better use their capital and capital partners to expand opportunities for adult learner populations.

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    Connecting Higher Education Leaders for Emergent Action

    Together, we’ll take a holistic approach to assessing the needs of today’s learners and designing a new future that is built upon collective wisdom spanning sectors and institutions, and inclusive of multiple stakeholders.

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