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    Calling All Brains on Deck: Collaborate. Align. Innovate.
    We help colleges and universities improve processes through multi-stakeholder collaboration.


    See How It Works

    Why Do We Exist?

    Today's environment calls for relentless innovation - NOT incremental improvements.

    What Do We Do?

    We design and host 'donor-funded' convenings of any size to collaborate virtually, effectively and produce faster results.

    Who Are We?

    Like-minded people who merged consulting and cloud-based collaborative services into a non-profit solution shop.

    How Do We Do It?

    We design and facilitate groups in different locations to engage in collaboration. We use technology-enabled collaboration tools to maximize interaction between groups with a shared mission but different responsibilities for achieving that mission - to reach consensus and innovate.

    Explore how your organization might partner with WebStudy Foundation, to

    Make Collaborative High-Stakes Decisions Quickly

    How fast do YOU need to move? The answer is simple. Faster than the rate of change in your environment.


    Explore the Value WebStudy Foundation Offers


    The WebStudy Foundation delivers virtual collaboration as a solution shop helping to solve complex problems with inclusive voices from multiple perspectives, much faster than traditional methods.

    Our virtual collaboration service is offered as a ‘fee for service’ offset by philanthropic donations.

    While your organization determines the context of their immediate challenge, collaboration has the greatest value when process improvement, conflict resolution or new innovation are time sensitive jobs to be done.

    Stakeholder alignment can be accomplished in a few virtual meetings in the same semester as opposed to many months across multiple semesters.


    Fast Forward Grant Funding
    to Achieve Scalable Results

    Join us in a series of three 60-minute online strategic collaboration sessions this semester designed to:



    Innovate grant funding processes that scale

    Clarify & expand philanthropic resources in support of closing known skills gaps by 2030

    Enable philanthropy to generate impactful ROI