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    Share. Focus. Learn. Innovate. Harness the power of collective wisdom - that is the power of collaboration

    Are you ready to be a catalyst to create forward momentum in your organization?

     Do any of the organizations listed below describe your organization?


    • State-system of multiple higher education institutions
    • Public 4Y teaching higher education institutions or any other type of 4Y organization
    • Private 2Y liberal arts higher education institutions or any other type of 2Y organization
    • Public community college
    • Alternative adult education Institution
    • Consortium of any combination of like-minded higher education institutions
    • Non-credit departments associated with a traditional university
    • Trade association or non-profit organization disseminating research / professional development
    • Graduate program
    • Department within any of the above types of organization


    If yes, continue ….


    Our Facilitated. Interactive. Engagement. (FIE) is effective for any size or scope organization with an institutional mission tied to adult education – shared across multiple stakeholders.

    Many choices exist regarding how to on-board with us or apply our framework to your initiative …

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    Start a dialogue with colleagues using these prompts…


    • Consider a wicked / difficult/ solvable problem facing your institution (e.g. a choice that will impact all stakeholders system-wide)
    • Consider a directional change involving a group of people that impacts numerous departments where re-vamping that process cannot be done in a vacuum?
    • Consider the decision making process you are using for a big decision. 


    Is it clear? 



    Successful, with a good track record that can be measured? 

    If you are uncertain on any of the above – it qualifies for a FIE.


    • If none of the above applies to your problem, quickly re-read ‘Service Overview’ under WHAT we do.  Consider the budget investment and human capital to execute the plan as it stands today. 


    Can you afford to not explore all available options?  The solution may be ideal but will the requirements to execute on it –  by all stakeholders (regarding their role and timing) fully understood?


    • Fill out a form under Contact Us – one of our specialists will contact you to determine the next step in onboarding the role a FIE may play for your organization



    • Partner with us to onboard other influencers and decision makers
    • Don’t hesitate to engage with us even if you do not have the authority to approve a FIE
    • Recognize leadership and being a catalyst for change is not role dependent
    • Process work takes time – Be patient with your expectations

    Use the Bigger Societal Context to succeed in:


    • Expanding a college/university’s capacity in effective participatory governance
    • Creating common ground
    • Sharing new perspectives
    • Creating and align on the processes that will promote 21st century teaching & learning


    It is possible to serve more students at lower cost, while also increasing quality and improving the learning experience.  Education costs have steadily risen, such that many higher education institutions are now unsustainably overstretched and over committed.  Current funding models cannot support the current trajectory. Conferences, workshops and dated training models are insufficient in spreading optimal utilization of tools of the digital era.  


    Join a community of higher education faculty and administrators committed to starting the “next” twenty-year cycle of next generation practices where faculty and administration stand united to serve every student, anywhere..  






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