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    About Us

    We are a global movement of people working in partnership

    Who Are We

    We are a cross-functional team of people who merged consulting and process design facilitation into a service to enable administrators, staff and instructors to optimize learning for the communities they serve.

    The WebStudy Foundation is a 501.3c organization focused on creating a positive social impact as higher education proactively journeys through an innovated future.

    Our Vision is for higher education institutions to be sustainable and thrive in this century.

    In 1997, Gisele and Curt partnered with Professor Doug McConatha and his then graduate student, Daniel Franc to commercialize, market, and support a LMS (Learning Management System) holding the name, WebStudy.  In conjunction with a consortium of colleges and universities, they partnered with WHYY to downsize telecourse delivery of distance education and ramp up online learning.  After conceding to the LMS market leaders, operations ceased in 2019.


    We learned valuable insights about how educational institutions strategize and plan for the futureor not.  As a team they worked with faculty, staff, administrators, and students.


    Kevin Kelly, author, instructor, seasoned higher education consultant and thought leader was consulted by the WebStudy Foundation to guide an inquiry to answer this question:

    “What does higher education want and need that would make a difference as our industry innovates its future?”

    The WebStudy Foundation packaged a combination of consulting, system integration of collaborative tools and design process to offer Collaboration in The Cloud as an alternative methodology to participatory governance.

    • Collaboration in the Cloud is faster than DIY in-person committee meetings with white flip charts 
    • Collaboration in the Cloud is more cost effective than name-brand firm consulting engagements.

    Our Mission is to help colleges and universities adapt to BIG change expeditiously.

    In our quest, WebStudy Foundation researched the organizational development industry and consulted with key influencers in the realm of facilitation and large group meeting strategic services.  Lenny Lind, founder of Covision, Todd Erickson, Associate of CoCreating Consulting, Christian Saucedo, Covision Partner and Leland Russell founder of GEO Group Strategic Services have all contributed to WebStudy Foundation to formulate an Offer that would allow higher education to benefit from the fruits of their labor over the last 30 years in other sectors.

    Money doesn’t solve problems, people do!  Hence, the perfect storm of Collective wisdom to innovate.

    Gisele Larose

    Gisele Larose is the Executive Director of the WebStudy Foundation. She is a strategist and expert planner having worked many years in senior executive roles in healthcare and edTech.

    Curt Corbi

    Curt Corbi, brings fifty-one years of information technology experience to the Foundation inclusive of corporate IT management and senior IT consulting focused on application development, product development, business development, and project management.

    Lexi Hartmann

    Marketing Advisor

    Kevin Kelly, EdD

    Dr. Kelly teaches online courses as a Lecturer in the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University, where he previously served for 13 years as the Online Teaching and Learning Manager. He works with colleges and universities as a consultant to address distance education, educational technology, and organizational challenges. Kevin co-authored with Todd Zakrajsek the 2021 Stylus book, Advancing Online Teaching: Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environments.

    Lenny Lind

    Lenny Lind, author of Virtuous Meetings and Facilitators Guide to Participatory Decision Making founded Covision Design. His work began with an IBM system called Group Decision Making Support System (GPSS). He and a number of organizational development experts spent twenty-five years honing the design and facilitation process that is pre-requisite to the technology being successful. It was their belief that the technology application alone was limited in achieving its maximum value.

    Be a Catalyst for change in your organization

    Bring your curiosity, your creativity, and your willingness to think outside the box, and click below to stay in touch and up-to-date on the latest happenings here at WebStudy Foundation.