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About Us

We are a global movement of people working in partnership

The WebStudy Foundation (WSF), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, strategic organization committed to enabling people with the power to create new capacities.

A team of veteran higher education consultants and organizational development facilitators have joined ranks to offer proven, affordable solutions to help colleges and universities adapt to BIG change expeditiously.  


Kevin Kelly, has contributed to higher education for twenty years as author, professor, consultant (at institutional level and state system level).   He is co-editor of “Education for a Digital World 2.0 : Innovations in Education”.  Kevin and Sandy Hirtz authored a very important chapter in this 1000 page textbook called, “Stakeholder Issues for Adopting a Learning Infrastructure”.


Lenny Lind, author of ‘Virtuous Meetings” and “Facilitators Guide to Participatory Decision Making” founded Covision Design.  His work began with an IBM system called Group Decision Making Support System (GPSS). He and a number of organizational development experts spent twenty-five years honing the Design + Facilitation process that is pre-requisite to the technology being successful.  It was their belief that the technology application alone was limited in achieving it’s maximum value.  

The WebStudy Foundation founders, Gisele Larose and Curt Corbi formerly ran a regional LMS Product Service System (PSS) that ceased operations in 2019.  For your background understanding, see Wikipedia article.


People closest to the problem create change.  Gisele has leveraged her core training  in the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) to map the vision for what might work systematically to create meaningful change.  This model is taught to Occupational therapist practitioners to apply tools to guide their assessment and reasoning process, effect change, and measure the impact of their intervention in rehabilitation.

MOHO takes a holistic approach.  MOHO considers human beings to be an open system consisting of volitional, habituation, and performance capacity and considers how these three aspects interact with each other and the environment.


Over twenty years serving higher education, Curt and Gisele learned impactful lessons serving numerous customers (faculty, staff and administrators) within a single customer account.


Hence …. the perfect storm of marrying the groups’ expertise to bring innovative methodologies to the current crisis higher education is facing.  We like to think of engaging,


“All Brains on Deck”

Our common goal is for institutions to sustain and thrive in this century.


We recognize exactly how time-bound colleges are when it comes to navigating change.  As the industry enters it’s third decade of adapting to the internet of things (ioT), additional challenges include:


  • Urgent restructuring on which program, department gets Developed? Diminished? Eliminated?
  • Rising costs 
  • Declining funding
  • A shift in accreditation’s focus on performance
  • Escalating student debt
  • Implementing technology-enabled academics campus-wide
  • Declining public opinion.


Our learners’ expectations have forced a tectonic institutional shift for real-time, inter-departmental synergies.  Creating a ‘New Path Forward’ is a shared challenge by cross-functional teams, regions and the world. Together, we’ll uncomplicate a complex system to achieve gains in student achievement.

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