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Reaching consensus for systemic change is not probable for the 3.9M people employed by postsecondary institutions. This number is taken from the Fall 2022, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) count from 5,777 institutions. Consolidating campuses doesn’t address the collaboration needed with the 55K workforce training providers effectively serving alternative learning formats.  Synchronizing educational programs with the upskilling and reskilling needs of the 433K business applications in 20 industry classifications cited in April, 2024 by the U.S. Census Bureau might be described as an “All Brains on Deck” requirement.

The best minds are attempting sense-making from the numerous disruptive factors we’ve experienced at the start of the 21st century.  Our traditional approaches to sharing best practices from publications, conference presentations, campus panels, etc. are not suitable for future making. Change is needed NOW if we’re to meet the job demands by 2030.  I attended the 100 Year EdTech Summit at ASU in February, 2024.  The perspective proposed for collaboration was to look fifty years back and fifty years forward to inform plans for the future.

This reference list was compiled as a suggested Call to Action for your summer reading list.

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