Our Work

...is to facilitate and expand collaborative capacity to co-create new futures

The best way to insure workability is to create it in a community that collaborates.

Doing more of the same will not move theory to practice in the time-frame needed.  We all want to experience movement from “complaint to possibility”.  Society agrees that this is what is wanted and needed.  Academia is where it all starts – through discourse, inquiry, experimentation and review – a process is formed.  Future college goers are digital natives.


So, what does creating BIG impact for BIG challenges, faster … look like?


We’ve always had an intuitive idea that what’s missing is a means and method of bringing all voices under one roof.  Yet, without the right fusion of methodology and technology – efforts to achieve a collective and collaborative “thinking” loses continuity over time.  The end result is we create from the same paradigms that gave us those challenges.

So…. What is Our Work?


The WebStudy Foundation has established an alliance with veteran author and higher education consultant Kevin Kelly and Lenny Lind, founder of Covision Design and pioneer of meeting facilitation and design.  Our work is to bring group decision making to higher education  in the form of Collaborative Services.  Details on how these collaborative services are packaged are covered in the section called Overview.


What we do … is not new;  Yet widespread use may be new to educational leaders to achieve participatory governance in a “we” mindset.  This work grew out of the history tied to an IBM system called Group Decision Making Support System (GDSS) over twenty-five years.  Several iterations were considered such as Team USA; yet none of the technologies were sustainable as a stand-alone software application.  Lenny Lind and a number of organizational development experts honed “the meat on the bones” design and facilitation requirements over thousands of large-scale challenges.  The technology alone is insufficient.


Our work is a result of the perfect storm of marrying the diverse talents of our team to bring innovative methodologies to an academic culture of participatory decision making.  Particularly during the current crisis higher education is facing.


Lastly .. What we do … may be easiest to GROK (understand intuitively with an established rapport), by outlining what we do not do…


Our work is not:


  • Acting as a consulting firm
  • An online program management (OPM)
  • A coaching practice
  • A professional development organization
  • A conference nor summit of ‘sage on stage’ nor ‘panel of experts’


The WebStudy Foundation has a Position Statement:  Everyone plays a role!”

Accelerate a New Future, Together!

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