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We dismantle silo thinking across high school representatives, community college faculty, workforce training providers, digital education companies and providers of in-demand job skills such as Google.

  • State community college systems sharing certificate and degree programs.
  • Workforce training providers outsourcing content, curriculums, and programs to accredited colleges and universities.
  • High school representatives, community college faculty, administrators, and learners to create new possibilities for dual enrollment programs.
  • Four-year continuing education departments could boost enrollment beyond traditional degree programs.


We dismantle silo thinking across employers seeking skilled labor, educational providers, labor market providers, online certificate providers and community organizations supporting systemic change.

  • Share labor market data with educational providers.
  • Establish minimum enrollment agreements for emerging programs like cybersecurity engineering, drone dispatching, AI prompt engineering, or end-of-life coaching.
  • Host regional community summits to anticipate and plan for rapid changes in upskilling and reskilling new and existing employees


We dismantle silo thinking between workforce commissions, economic agencies and educational providers so the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

  • Host regional workforce summits to anticipate trends and strategies for better decision-making.
  • Explore innovative approaches to managing a diverse and extended workforce.
  • Research and prioritize reskilling requirements for half of all employees worldwide by 2030.

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