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To provide innovative approaches to multi-disciplinary team collaboration. Your New Path Forward requires cross-functional department decisions to adopt advances in digital growth, innovation and student success.

No one person, no single college, university, educational trade association, software vendor or non-profit organization can impact the digitization of education sufficiently alone.


The best way to ensure future academic success is to create it in community!

A participatory decision-making culture is at the heart of all global educational systems.  Limitations in time and money appear to be increasing at alarming proportions, as we enter the 21st Century.


The WebStudy Foundation understands the need to work together across our silos to understand everyone’s unique needs and to build a new path forward.


Doing more of the same will not move theory to practice in the timeframe needed.  We put together a suite of services to provide administration and faculty with a shared structure upon which great things can be built – services that enable educators to create their campus/ state system path to deliver effective educational outcomes.


We will fulfill our Mission by helping organizations to move through difficult decision processes faster than expected, and with more inclusivity, innovation, and organization building in the process.  WebStudy Foundation offers innovative approaches to accelerate meeting outcomes, inter-departmental communication and strategic positioning for the digital era.


Implementation of high impact practices can occur within one academic year, once expertly designed processes are applied.  Efficienciencies in initiatives can be achieved when strategic thinking is conducted at both the individual, departmental and institutional level.


Our shared desired outcome is full engagement through an academic initiative’s lifecycle, instead of the fatigue in-between semesters that hampers so many good ideas.


You/we are a ‘community of passionate people’ committed to educational excellence in a digital era.  The WebStudy Foundation has a Position Statement: “It is irresponsible to do anything less! Everyone plays a role!”  

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