Collaboration for a Skilled Workforce

In the face of rapid technological advancements and shifting workforce demands, reskilling and upskilling our national workforce is imperative.

Collaboration for a Skilled Workforce: Insights from Business Facilities Rankings


As the demands of the business landscape continue to evolve rapidly, reskilling and upskilling the national workforce have become crucial for economic growth and sustainability. The WebStudy Foundation Blog series shed light on the challenges faced by educational providers, employers, and funding organizations in the coming years. To tackle these challenges, collaboration across sectors is essential. In anticipation of the upcoming 19th Annual Rankings Report by Business Facilities, let’s explore which states are leading the way in preparing for systemic change in upskilling and reskilling.

Virginia’s Talent Accelerator Program: Customized Workforce Training

Recognized as a leader in customized workforce training, Virginia’s Talent Accelerator Program has taken significant strides in providing tailored solutions for businesses. Launched in 2019, this program, in collaboration with higher education partners, offers recruitment and training services customized to meet the specific needs of companies. By aligning workforce development with industry demands, Virginia has successfully attracted investment and created over 10,000 jobs. The success story of The LEGO Group’s decision to establish its manufacturing facility in Virginia, generating 1,700 jobs, showcases the program’s effectiveness.

Texas: Fostering a Thriving Business Climate

Claiming the top spot for Best Business Climate, Texas boasts a robust economy that has been attracting a plethora of projects and investments. With over 1,000 projects in 2022, Texas surpassed all other states, resulting in an anticipated $44.75 billion in capital investment and the creation of more than 35,000 jobs. The state’s business-friendly environment, diverse industries, and robust infrastructure have made it a clear choice for companies seeking growth opportunities. Its economy has remained strong, attracting major corporations and boasting 55 Fortune 500 firms headquartered within its borders.

Louisiana: Leading the Tech Talent Pipeline

Louisiana’s proactive approach to expanding its skilled tech workforce has propelled it to the top of the Tech Talent Pipeline category. By focusing on programs that deliver quick and effective results, Louisiana has become a standout state for tech companies across various sectors. Economic development initiatives and incentives, such as the Small Business Innovation and Research grant match program, have further solidified its position. Louisiana’s dedication to cultivating tech talent ensures a sustainable future for the state’s economy.

Electric Vehicle Industry Investment and Charging Infrastructure: The growth of electric vehicle adoption reached a pivotal point in 2022. To shed light on this sector, Business Facilities introduced the Electric Vehicle Industry Investment and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure categories. Michigan, Tennessee, and Georgia emerged as the top-performing states in Electric Vehicle Industry Investment, attracting significant capital investment and job creation. California, New York, and Florida lead the way in EV Charging Infrastructure, reflecting their commitment to developing robust charging networks to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


In the face of rapid technological advancements and shifting workforce demands, reskilling and upskilling our national workforce is imperative. Collaborative efforts among educational providers, employers, and funding organizations are essential to meet the future business needs with qualified workers. According to Business Facilities’ forthcoming Annual Rankings Report, Virginia, Texas, and Louisiana have taken significant strides in preparing their workforce for the future.

As we move forward, it is crucial for stakeholders to continue working together, sharing insights, and implementing innovative solutions to create a skilled and adaptable workforce that can thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.


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