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    Together we'll evolve from Disruption to Right-Sizing the education industry through conscious, targeted contributions

    Budgets do not exist for the cost of college reform.

    With your generous donation, we can provide stipends to those institutions committed to moving from talking about to executing concerted actions.  Together, we’ll meet future expectations of adult learners head-on. 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Contribution historically earmarked as endowments will be used to offset costs to design the multi-stakeholder collaboration required for new processes and new programs to launch 

    The WebStudy Foundation is a partner poised to facilitate proven methodologies for colleges and universities to adapt to BIG change expeditiously.

    Yes, the Horizon Report has showcased specific examples on how institutions readied themselves and executed advancement in program offerings.  Now it’s time to highlight and scale those institutional success cases campus-wide and nation-wide then globally.

    Federal and state funding only compensates expenses to keep the status quo operational. We are in unprecedented times, where higher education recognizes the perils of competing for enrollment.   The sleeping giant workforce is demanding skilled labor – a unique opportunity to unify

    This industry has similar characteristics to healthcare – insular from external influence.  Few clinical practitioners believed they might be told how to practice – three decades later – if hindsight could have been foresight – the people closest to the problem would have come up with an affordable, cost-effective model of healthcare reform with measurable results.  Let’s empower the people closest to the challenges of a workable process to collaborate with administrators, staff, regulatory agencies and government liaisons to use the tools to create a new future.

    Universities have no other option but to explore immediate remedies to create iterative change.

    In 2021, the future of higher education looks uncertain, with mounting student debt and lower enrollments exacerbated by economic shortfalls due to COVID-19. That dreary outlook will prevail for years to come if institutions default to business as usual.  And businesses can already predict high demand for post-secondary education in the workforce by 2030.

    Be a Catalsyst for change in your organization

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