Why Do We Exist?

We believe collaboration is the key for higher education to thrive in the face of change and uncertainty.

A New Methodology is Needed to Plan for the Future in the Face of Unpredictability


Educational organizations have experienced the technological revolution that is the 21st century. Now, they’re faced with the unprecedented challenge of planning for the immediate future in a time that has shown us just how imperative it is to be resilient and adaptable.


What are you planning for? When, and where exactly? How can educational institutions get their large, disparate groups on the same page in order to forge a sustainable path forward?


WebStudy Foundation exists to help your organization find answers to your most pressing questions. By acting as your guide through a unique collaborative process, we help your organization find solutions to your wickedest problems – solutions your entire organization can get behind.


We live in a time in which the only thing that is predictable is unpredictability itself. As tempting as it may be to wait until things are more predictable to forge a new path forward, the fact remains: your organization needs to be taking action now. 


On one hand, humans possess the capacity to generate thinking that can accomplish miracles. On the other hand, collectively agreeing on the next steps for the the upcoming semester and beyond probably feel like at best a major headache, and at worst, an insurmountable challenge. 


The reality is that the problems we face now cannot be solved by the same kind of “committee thinking” of the past.


WebStudy Foundation Helps Organizations Crowd-Source Solutions at Warp Speed


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us, as a community, to unite and create new approaches at “warp-speed” to resolve challenges.


We recognize exactly how time-bound colleges are when it comes to navigating change.  As the industry enters it’s third decade of adapting to the internet of things (ioT), organizations are also faced with the same challenges that existed even before the pandemic.


We Help Educational Institutions Address Challenges Like:


    • Urgent departmental restructuring
    • Making the tough decisions surrounding which programs and departments get developed, diminished, or eliminated
    • Addressing rising costs and declining funding
    • Navigating the shift in accreditation’s focus on performance
    • Tackling the subject of escalating student debt
    • Implementing technology-enabled academics campus-wide
    • Dealing with declining public opinion


Whether the challenges you face are categorized as Wicked, Difficult or Solvable, (as described in the New Horizon Report) – a cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration methodology is now a MUST HAVE for institutions to survive, so they can thrive.


Creating a New Path Forward With Student Achievement in Mind


Modern learners’ expectations have forced a tectonic institutional shift for real-time, inter-departmental synergies.  Creating a ‘New Path Forward’ is a shared challenge by cross-functional teams, regions and the world.


Together, we’ll uncomplicate a complex system to achieve gains in student achievement.


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