Be proactive. Build alignment. Our team of organizational developments experts built a suite of solutions to assist organizations with difficult decision processes - offering more inclusiveness, innovation, and organization building in the process.

Suite of Collaborative Solutions


Our solutions are designed for “Large Scale – High Impact”.  Together, our efforts drive institutional effectiveness to advance at a faster pace, with inter-departmental buy-in.  


The WebStudy Foundation Suite of Solutions was built to facilitate communication and collaboration between administration, staff and faculty (both early and late adopters of technology).  How? 


We use:


  • Expert facilitation
  • Technology-enabled audience input
  • Collaboratively designed group process


… to harness the collective efforts across multiple stakeholders. We facilitate campuses to move through difficult decision processes faster than expected, and with more inclusiveness, innovation, and organization building in the process.

WSF Facilitated Interactive Engagements


Facilitated by Lenny Lind, Principal at Lind Designs LLC, Founder of Covision

Move through a series of small and giant steps, carefully designed and supported to draw out the campus’ best thinking while building alignment toward results that matter. Engage your campus stakeholders in ‘Facilitated Interactive Engagements’, run virtually or face to face. Group process design is enhanced with technology, networked across breakout groups and the entire group simultaneously.  Every voice is collected, and every participant hears the research data thought leaders have collected – all of which can be accomplished at the same time / different places – leaving no one out of the strategic plan. Blind spots are uncovered, stimulating innovative and co-created opportunities. Eliminate meeting minutes. Instantaneously collate raw data captured in a shared repository. Accelerate likelihood of retention of action items across multiple departments in one event.  Together, as a cohesive multidisciplinary community, you can impact the institution enough to truly serve the student in this digital era. And tomorrow’s.


WSF Guided Strategic Decisioning


Facilitated by Kevin Kelly, EdD

We all embrace the core principle that all voices need to be heard, yet time imposes significant constraints.  Central to ‘Guided Strategic Decisioning’, constructing the right questions, to which the answers are really important are best created by a third party.  All too often, leaders want the 747 without a pilot. An experienced facilitator provides value-add so thought leaders and implementers of change can co-participate – leaving everyone in a readiness to do something with the results.  A facilitator creates opportunity for anonymity, added horsepower in synthesizing details, ability to scaffold the process, eliminating fear of the unknown and building trust in the discovery process.


The economic demands of a future digital world cannot be easily met with 1:1 or 1:many collaboration at the department level alone; yet cross-functional team communication and collaboration is essential. Numerous themes may be warranted to reconstruct the groups’ strategic thinking, propel the plan into deliverables or build momentum needed with shared understanding.



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