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    Collaborative Services

    Our services are proven to accelerate multi-stakeholder decision making. Our methodology promises inclusiveness and capacity building.

    What do we do?

    We partner with institutions of higher education to expand their capacity to usher in the next iteration of education
    We apply a proven process, called a Facilitated Interactive Engagement (FIE) to assemble input from a large audience, facilitate interaction and engage all stakeholders in re-thinking new processes.

    WebStudy Foundation (WSF) is bringing large group meeting facilitation to higher education.

    Lenny Lind, co-founder of Covision has partnered with Kevin Kelly and the WebStudy Foundation to bring twenty-five years of a proven methodology to higher education.  Together, with higher education change-makers we’ll empower collective thinking to execute change

    So, what do we do?

    We facilitate thinking together, not random listening together, in meetings that matter.  Combining the right balance of technology-enabled feedback cycles and custom-designed inquiries – the group sees immediate feedback from the perspective of another person/department/peer institution. 


    This holistic vantage point will enable organizations to jump forward (over “normal” courses of action) in terms of engaged stakeholders from different departments, smart solutions, and faster attainment of results.


    We’re offering higher education stakeholders the same benefits that corporations and large NGO’s have received over the last two decades. 

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world.
    In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

    Here's what it looks like in person

    Shrink Gaps In Understanding & Enhance Outcomes With Aligned Actions

    Most meetings stop at awareness of the problem. Across thousands of meetings supported over 25 years, we found that we can move a large group of stakeholders through levels of engagement to reach alignment.


    It takes unbiased facilitation and validated design processes, but the groups will move. They want to!


    The difference between meetings with or without a FIE is the amount of engagement cycles you complete.  The conversation moves off of judgements, incomplete assumptions, mis-interpretations and differences in perspectives into a virtuous engagement. 


    By gaining mutual understanding of disparate roles each group serves – the “silos” become transparent.  


    We enable concerted actions so everyone can convert current day concerns to a comfortable path of affordable and effective organizational change.  Life is fun and effective in academia!

    In a Facilitated Interactive Engagement (FIE), the audience becomes ACTIVELY ENGAGED

    An unbiased facilitator runs a series of interactions to probe for audience feedback submitted anonymously and authentically.  We articulate the pressing challenge(s) in the fewest words, then we design a series of interactions/inquiries to move all participants through:

    Together, we apply two-way communication in a virtual gathering of folks with different roles /same purpose to collaborate on the next iteration of education.

    Sharing Diverse Perspectives

    Identifying Common Ground

    Resolving Concerns

    Aligning on Recommended Decisions

    The audience feedback is immediately viewed by ALL at the same time – which stimulates collective and cooperative thinking – allowing leaders to go deeper with their agenda.


    When technology-enabled means of communicating is strategically inserted into a meeting agenda you can execute 3-4 cycles of feedback quickly.

    A report captures a written record of all participant input … in the way each stakeholder (faculty vs administration) responded.

    In very short time cycles, your organization creates a broad “we” understanding where there was likely very little.

    As partners, we co-create sustainable decisions agreed upon by all in the shortest time possible.

    Be a Catalyst for change in your organization

    Bring your curiosity, your creativity, and your willingness to think outside the box, and click below to stay in touch and up-to-date on the latest happenings here at WebStudy Foundation.