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Our Team

Our Mission is to inspire a community of contributors and campus leaders to partner together to accelerate 21st century learning

Team Profiles


Gisele Larose: Executive Director


Before co-founding Webstudy International in 1998, Gisele was a former Division Manager of Continuing Education for NovaCare, Inc, developing and implementing training programs for its 12,000 employees across 1,650 U.S. facilities. She applied her business expertise and experience with computer-based training in adult/employee education to build an innovative, customer-focused LMS provider.


“Having worked in both healthcare and education – I see similarities. Both focus on people helping other people; and the organization is as effective as the people who work there.  There is a built-in need for groups of people to be effective in communicating their individual findings so a common approach can be applied for optimal results.”

Curt Corbi: Operations

As the child of a public system art education supervisor and an elementary school teacher, Curt has been associated with education all of his life. Professionally, he has 50+ years of experience in information technology and company operations, both managing IT systems for large organizations and heading his own companies’ business development. As Webstudy International’s co-founder and COO, Curt used his IT and business development experience to evolve a professor’s LMS prototype into a production, commercial-ready product.


“Even when my father was in his nineties, somebody would come up to him and remember his impact as their art teacher. I was impressed by that and the Webstudy Foundation is my way of making a difference.”

Kevin Kelly: Advisor

Having worked at the crossroads of education and technology since 1999, Kevin brings extensive higher education and team management experience to WSF: as an instructional technology lecturer at San Francisco State University; an educational advisor for the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE); and a respected consultant helping higher education institutions and ed tech startups with strategic planning and organizational change.

Lenny Lind: Advisor

Lenny brings cutting edge meeting planning and facilitation to WSF. A former freelance videographer, Lenny filmed many corporate meetings; observing their one-sided nature and lack of group dynamics and consensus. This led to his co-founding of Covision, an engagement consulting company that combines the latest technology and process design to create engaged, interactive, and productive meetings. Over the past 20+ years, Covision has facilitated every type of meeting—from team meetings to multi-stakeholder townhalls—for Fortune 500 companies, foundations, large non-profits, and government agencies.