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    We’re Living in a New Era of Digital Learning

    With your help and generosity, we can make sure that every learner has equal access to the bright future they deserve.

    Everything about higher education is changing, from course delivery to the very reasons students choose to enroll in (or forgo) a degree program. This truly is a whole new world. It stands to reason, then, that the definitions and processes of the past may no longer serve us. 


    What does student success really mean? Is it truly tied to program completion? Should it be? 


    Amidst the challenges of rapidly declining public opinion and increasingly unsustainable financial challenges, many higher education institutions are

    asking these same questions – in particular those serving adult learners and disenfranchised student populations. 


    The stakes are high as we enter a new era that requires us to innovate student success. This new era requires large-scale public colleges and universities to navigate advances in student completion from brainstorm to action plan, to campus-wide execution, quickly.

    By matching impact investing with those institutions poised for change, we can apply a proven methodology – tested for over 25 years in the private sector – that breaks down silos and allows an organization to identify unseen opportunities amidst complex financial circumstances.


    WebStudy Foundation helps colleges better use their capital and capital partners to innovate and expand learning opportunities for adult and underrepresented learner populations by:

    Using a proven methodology for inter-departmental collaboration for leaders, grassroots instructors, and staff to collaborate together to redesign effective processes.
    Empowering colleges to advance educational programs for the disenfranchised, to serve millions more adult learners.
    Partnering with colleges to show how contributions historically earmarked as endowments can be used to offset costs to address these programs.
    Matching impact investing with colleges ready to develop, scale, and implement these educational innovations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is WebStudy Foundation?

    WebStudy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit committed to helping colleges and universities tackle their most pressing challenges as they work to create a more equitable landscape for all kinds of learners. 


    We believe the best way to do this is by breaking down communication silos and accelerating meaningful organizational change within an institution by leveraging our 25 years of experience in facilitated, collaborative decision-making processes. 

    We empower organizations, institutions, and communities—along with their diverse stakeholders— to align in real-time, source leadership at every level, and to take committed action quickly, reliably and resiliently.

    How Will My Gift Be Used?

    We pledge to partner with colleges and universities to accelerate 21st century learning using proven, affordable solutions to help colleges and universities adapt to BIG change expeditiously.


    Individual gifts come in a variety of sizes. Collectively, these gifts add up to create a significant impact for thoughtful change towards 21st century learning and equity in higher education.


    Your gift will be used as stipends for colleges and institutions who don’t have external services adequately budgeted. In most cases, those are the institutions who desperately need to create campus alignment to modernize their educational approaches, and to better serve adult learners and disenfranchised populations.

    Why Donate Now?

    Colleges are bound by time and tradition when it comes to navigating change.  As the industry enters its third decade of adapting to the internet of things (ioT), additional challenges include:


    • Education in the time of COVID-19
    • Rising Student Debt
    • Declining Funding and Rising Costs
    • A Shift in Accreditation Focus on Performance
    • Technology-Enabled Academics 
    • Declining Public Opinion
    • Inequity in Higher Education
    • The Need to Reskill Adult Learners 
    • Reaching Disenfranchised Learners


    Learners cannot wait for the typical committee-meeting process to unfold over months and months. Action is needed now. Our methodology for accelerating meaningful organizational change through collaborative decision making processes can help colleges address the big challenges of our time at warp speed. 




    Make a tax-deductible gift to WebStudy Foundation today. Together we can ensure that every learner has equal access to the bright future they deserve.