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    A Shared Responsibility

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    Rekindling the Soul of Higher Education is a Shared Responsibility

    As a species, humans possess an extraordinary capacity to learn.  Beyond 2020 marks the beginning of the Learning Generation. We need your generosity to usher in this Learning Generation!


    As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, we invite donors to share in the responsibility to rekindle the soul of higher/tertiary education.

    Where is your state in their attempt to bolster the economy with skilled workers?

    Campuses, outside of the elite universities, do not have the funds to halt day-to-day/ semester-to-semester operations long enough to REINVENT new processes to upgrade how they serve future learners


    Out of the 7.8B people in the world, the US Census Bureau reports there are 332.4M people in the United States.   


    As one of our challenged assumptions, “What age group do colleges serve?”


    If the age group from 18-44 make up the majority of consumers of college education, then those 112.8M people will make a choice about location, purpose, and affordability of what, how, and where they will pursue an advanced learning path.

    2019 Bachelor Degree or Higher by State (%)

    United States map depicting the prevalence of bachelors degrees and higher by state

    Our Vision for the Future

    How might contributions aid higher education to make the strides needed to meet the learning objectives for 112.8 M people by 2030 ?

    With donor-funded convenings, we are committed to supporting approximately 2,000 (35%) U.S. colleges and universities to transform their educational operations, such that (under-served and current) learners report their expectations were exceeded, as measured by increased earnings or their human development and happiness was enriched.


    In the next 3-5 years, to fulfill a national “Equality Agenda”, funding, admissions, and curriculums, etc. are in need of significant upgrades to meet the needs of 20M (18%) Latinx learners, and 15M (13.4%) from the African American sector of the population.  


    By 2040, the WebStudy Foundation has a Vision to convene 4,500 large and small events where the stakeholders closest to the challenge, collaborate on solutions to usher in the next iteration of higher education.

    Your contribution helps us create a glide path to making this vision a reality.

    Ultimately, WebStudy Foundation seeks partnership with the college fundraising department to run targeted campaigns.

    Together, we'll better use your endowment contributions to innovate and expand learning opportunities for adult and underrepresented learner populations.

    For organizations poised for change, we apply a proven methodology – used over 25 years in the private sector – that breaks down silos and allows an organization to identify unseen opportunities amidst complex financial circumstances.

    The “Iron Triangle: Access, Quality and Cost” of education can be improved as a nation. 


    Here’s a video from PPIC that summarizes the challenges all states face but focused on an awareness College Opportunity Campaign in California

    Our nations’ economic vitality depends on unity across many constituents!  Join the movement to usher in the Knowledge Age!

    Be a Catalsyst for change in your organization

    Bring your curiosity, your creativity, and your willingness to think outside the box, and click below to stay in touch and up-to-date on the latest happenings here at WebStudy Foundation.