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Help Accelerate 21st Century Learning Together

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This is a Call to Action for all parties who may have sourced endowment funds in the past and parties with philanthropic desires.
Join us in funding a movement for social change.

Accelerate 21st Century Learning, Together

Our facilitators offer their services at cost.  Your gift will be used as stipends for colleges and institutions who don’t have external services adequately budgeted. In most cases, those are the institutions who desperately need to create campus alignment to modernize their educational approaches.

We ask for your generosity in giving!

We pledge to partner with colleges and universities to accelerate 21st century learning using proven, affordable solutions to help colleges and universities adapt to BIG change expeditiously.


Colleges are bound by time and tradition when it comes to navigating change.  As the industry enters it’s third decade of adapting to the internet of things (ioT), additional challenges include:


  • Pandemic requirements to move to remote delivery
  • Rising Student Debt
  • Declining Funding / Rising Costs
  • A Shift in Accreditation Focus on Performance
  • Technology-Enabled Academics 
  • Declining Public Opinion

Individual gifts come in a variety of sizes. Collectively, these gifts add up to create a significant impact for thoughtful change towards 21st Century Learning.  


As a concerned citizen, your gift demonstrates that you honor our institutions of higher education.  And, you are willing to invest in those colleges and universities proactively meeting wicked challenges responsibly, inclusively and affordably. 


Today’s technology and learners’ expectations force a tectonic institutional shift to real-time, inter-departmental synergies.   The WebStudy Foundations solutions are focused on helping colleges and universities adapt to:

  • Rapidly Changing Environments
  • Restructuring to meet societal 21st century needs from – Community – Curriculum – Course delivery