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    Give Now to Support Life Ready Learning

    Together we can ensure that every learner has equal access to the bright future they deserve.

    All Brains on Deck & All Hearts in Alignment

    With “All Hearts in Alignment”, your generosity makes the WebStudy Foundation’s mission a reality.

    We’ve formulated a road map that articulates how a community can innovate a world where life ready education in colleges and universities is serving ALL people as thriving centers of innovation. The WebStudy Foundation is accountable for demonstrating in a detailed way, how your investment will lead to these changes.

    Executive Director, WebStudy Foundation

    Do you recognize yourself in one of these seven categories?

    • Doing Good Makes Sense
    • Doing Good in Return
    • Doing Good is a Family Tradition
    • Doing Good Feels Right
    • Doing Good is Good Business
    • Doing Good is God’s Will
    • Doing Good is Fun

    Doing Good Makes Sense

    Do you want to see your higher education community grow?
    With your help college can be reimagined to serve anyone and everyone.

    Doing Good in Return

    Did you achieve the things that are important to you through more education?
    With your help colleges can reimagine how to best serve more people of all ages

    Doing Good is a Family Tradition

    How many generations in your family have benefited from advanced education?
    With your help colleges can reimagine retention and completion for first generation college goers

    Doing Good Feels Right

    Do you thrive in opportunities to make a difference?
    With your help colleges can make better decisions faster to retool recruitment and admissions processes to serve a greater number of people

    Doing Good is Good Business

    Do you recognize a WIN/WIN opportunity when you see it?
    With your help colleges can expand learners capacity to fulfill future jobs

    Doing Good is God’s Will

    Are you called to see higher education, a two hundred year old community endure?
    With your help, colleges can be upgraded with new processes to last another hundred years

    Doing Good is Fun

    Do you enjoy giving back?
    With your help colleges can accelerate what they already do well for a greater number of learners of all ages

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    A pledge is an agreement to pay a set amount over a period of time with scheduled payments or transfers from a bank account or credit card. Please mail a completed PDF with your credit card number or a voided check.

    To engage with our team, reach out to schedule an exploratory conversation to learn how one might give in other ways.

    Be a Catalyst for change in your organization

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