Services Overview

Our services are proven to accelerate multi-stakeholder decision making. Our methodology promises inclusiveness and capacity building.

WebStudy Foundation Collaborative Services


The WebStudy Foundation services use:


  • Expert facilitation
  • Technology-enabled audience input
  • Collaboratively designed group process


to harness the collective efforts across multiple stakeholders. We facilitate campuses to move through difficult decision processes faster than expected, and with more inclusiveness, innovation, and organization building in the process.


The context has been given to us – life post COVID-19 must be created – to invent a future amidst uncertainty.  Yet, it is the uncertainty that flames the highest levels of creative thinking and human ingenuity.   

We facilitate a group process to create the context specific to your organization, followed by a series of contemplative inquiries.  All stakeholders partake in generating impactful answers to expertly crafted questions.  The question design (tested and proven effective in hundreds of events) and subsequent authentic answers offered anonymously evokes an unprecedented mutual understanding across departments with very different points of view.   The design process unfolds further – achieving the unforeseen, the unexpected – alignment towards something, that no one unit could have created independent of the other.    Once the capacity to generate power over not recreating past solutions, dressed in new clothes – the ingenuity in the group process is contagious – resulting in ownership across all involved. 

Emails and Meeting Minutes do not create collaboration …

But facilitated F2F round-table discussions and virtual breakout groups do


How Our Collaborative Services work:


We customize virtual and/or face to face engagements to crowd-source ‘All Brains On Deck’


  1. for groups of people (faculty, staff and administrators) 
  2. to engage (reach agreement on discretionary effort) in a process 
  3. to integrate (bring together components into a single system that functions as one) inter-departmental communication and collaboration
  4. some or all of the above may be technology enhanced with communication and collaborative activities


WebStudy Foundation engages groups of people in a process to integrate inter-departmental communication and collaboration. 

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