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    Now that Fall semester 2020 is in full swing and remote learning is offered in various delivery modes, how does your campus leverage the advantages that have become apparent in this new normal?     How are stakeholders tackling the many unique challenges that have also become apparent? Do faculty and administration agree on what, exactly, they will focus on together? Are educators ready to fast-forward workflow changes...

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    For all of the advancements in our civilization, a mighty blow has struck the world with the rise of COVID-19. Yet thought leaders agree - the important trends requiring our focus existed well before the outbreak. The pandemic merely accelerated these changes.     Scott Galloway, a highly acclaimed Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and serial entrepreneur, asserts that it is nothing short of “consensual hallucination”...

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    In the article “Student Success – 3 BIG Questions”, Kathe Pelletier, Director of Student Success Community Programs for EDUCAUSE provides her readers with a clear-cut framework for conversation between cross disciplinary departments.     Defining Student Success   The author provides examples of how different stakeholders hear different perspectives of the same challenge - student success.  For example, advisors hear the student’s macro perspective – which may include:   confusion...

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