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Author: Gisele Larose

For all of the advancements in our civilization, a mighty blow has struck the world with the rise of COVID-19. Yet thought leaders agree - the important trends requiring our focus existed well before the outbreak. The pandemic merely accelerated these changes.     Scott Galloway, a highly acclaimed Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and serial entrepreneur, asserts that it is nothing short of “consensual hallucination”...

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In the article “Student Success – 3 BIG Questions”, Kathe Pelletier, Director of Student Success Community Programs for EDUCAUSE provides her readers with a clear-cut framework for conversation between cross disciplinary departments.     Defining Student Success   The author provides examples of how different stakeholders hear different perspectives of the same challenge - student success.  For example, advisors hear the student’s macro perspective – which may include:   confusion...

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