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    Building Collaborative Capacity starts with Engagement

    Shrink gaps in understanding & enhance outcomes with aligned actions

    It takes something more than your average meeting to solve big problems – or, as we like to call them “wicked” problems.


    Facilitated Interactive Engagements are designed to bring all brains on deck within your organization to accelerate understanding, foster alignment, and tap into the collective wisdom of all participants. 

    Whether your team is comprised of 7 people or 7,000, our proven methodology has been shown over the course of 25 years to ensure that your group reaches new levels of mutual understanding and agreement – at warp speed. 


    The end result is a truly collaborative and productive meeting in which all stakeholders leave with a sense of alignment and ownership. 

    Benefits at the individual level include:

    • Establish clear lines of responsibility 
    • Produce sense of accomplishment
    • Initiate collaborative practices faster and easier
    • Convert “initiative fatigue” to initiative momentum

    Benefits at the department level include:

    • Establish or improve communication channels across departments
    • Restate the initiative as an integrated/unified outcome
    • Enable committed actions 
    • Expedite interdepartmental cooperation

    Benefits at the institution level include:

    • Enable promising programs to scale
    • Expand programs that work 
    • Tap the knowledge and experience of your key stakeholders
    • Seed innovative solutions
    • Foster a culture that generates new ideas and aligned actions
    • Mitigate the risk of losing institutional knowledge

    THIS... OR THIS?

    Using several pre-designed feedback cycles to elicit audience input, the group can visualize how another department sees that same problem – instead of a vicious cycle of disruptive solutions. Whether it’s 50 or 500 people, a mutual understanding of how other stakeholders perceive their roles resulting in a unified approach to solving problems.


    Most meetings stop at awareness of the problem. Across thousands of meetings supported over 20 years, we found that we can move a large group of stakeholders through levels of engagement to reach alignment.


    It takes unbiased facilitation and validated design processes, but the groups will move. They want to. We found the difference between the two situations is the amount of engagement cycles you complete.  The conversation moves off of judgements, incomplete assumptions, mis-interpretations and differences in perspectives into a virtuous engagement. 

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    Together, we’ll take a holistic approach to assessing the needs of today’s learners and designing a new future that is built upon collective wisdom spanning sectors and institutions, and inclusive of multiple stakeholders.

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