We facilitate and build collaborative capacity across departments

Benefits are achieved when we build collaborative capacity across departments – specifically in academic, technology and administrative areas.


Top Three Benefits include:

  • Tapping the astounding knowledge and experience of your key stakeholders
  • Initiating collaborative practices faster and easier than any other way
  • Converting “initiative fatigue” to initiative momentum


Additional Benefits include:


  • Accomplish measurable results, by design
  • Enable committed/coherent actions at both individual and department levels
  • Improve interdepartmental communication by leaps and bounds
  • Provide a setting in which enhanced group communication will generate new ideas and aligned actions
  • Mitigate the risk of losing institutional knowledge due to administrative turn over


This … Or This?

Does the top diagram look familiar? For example, consider a situation many universities and colleges are facing — how to optimally expand the focus on learning outcomes.  A few key stakeholders clearly understand the opportunities and challenges involved in the decision. A few more are aware of the looming decision but haven’t gotten “up to speed” with it. And many more (most) are variously unaware …. of a decision which could make or break the future of the institution.

Compare that with the lower diagram where most are keenly aware — aligned and committed even — to most aspects of the impending decision. What could cause this difference?
Across thousands of meetings supported over 20 years, we found that we can move a large group of stakeholders through these levels of engagement. It takes time and energy and resources, but the groups will move. They want to, if the conditions are right . We found the difference between the two situations is the amount of engagement cycles you complete.

Benefits are achieved, when together, we facilitate and build collaborative capacity across departments – specifically in academic, technology and administrative areas.


Together, we can improve results in engagement through an initiative’s lifecycle, instead of fatigue in between semesters.


Key stakeholder groups keep talking to each other effectively AFTER the WebStudy Foundation Solutions are over. Implementation of high impact practices will occur within one academic year, once an expertly designed process is applied. Efficiencies in initiatives are achieved when strategic thinking is conducted at both the individual, departmental and institutional level.  Your institution can choose either a face to face meeting/summit format or collaboration in a virtual environment.


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