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    Assumptions Unexamined

    Create a New Path Forward With Organizational Alignment — at Warp Speed

    Add Your Voice to the Community Response!

    Are you ready to examine some assumptions about higher education? Complete the anonymous exercise below, then view the results to see which assumptions your peers and counterparts across sectors believe should be reexamined. 


    This is meant to be fun, not conclusive. How a public community college in rural Mississippi alters assumptions – about the learners they serve- is not the same way a liberal arts private 4Y college in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. might alter a set of assumptions used for future planning.

    After you’ve clicked “submit” you’ll be taken to the results page. You can access the results page at any time by clicking “Read” in the upper right-hand corner. Click “Refresh” and you will see the results change as new participants add their insight. As a community, we can watch to see if percentages change as the total population of responses grows.


    Don’t forget to invite your colleagues to our website to experience real-time polling results.


    Access the complete report from the first cohort here

    If you were not able to participate in “All Brains on Deck: Connecting Higher Education Leaders for Emergent Action” on April 29th, you can still access the full event report here. Fill out the form below for instant access to the report that summarizes the fruits of their labor. We think you’ll find some gems for your own problem solving

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